One database for all modules.

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All datas which are administrated by our systems of course underlie a central and consistent data management. amily focus on an world-wide established standard (relational database in SQL-standard). This standard has been used since decades by the leading software systems.

The structure in which the datas are filed was designed on the common rules of data processing.The consistency and cogruency of datas are assured by using of different mechanisms and algorithms (trigger, stoared procedures, referential integrity)

amily.database is an obliged condition for the use of amily; therefore ist is always a component of the acquired software licence.

amily recommends the Microsoft SQL server from version 2005. However, the use of other relational databases can be evaluated in the line on a customer-specific project work.

  • world-wide standard
  • standardized data model
  • referenced integrity, encapsulation of system logic by using of triggers and stored procedures
  • continuous storage of all datas (even deleted datas remain in your data base)
  • backup and recovery of datas