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amily – advertising management family

The amily GmbH (Ltd.) creates software- and system solutions for the commercial advertising branch.

It is our ambition to provide our customers and the market with a high-quality, comprehensive, integrated, multimedia and – first of all – future-oriented overall solution around the management in the advertising business.

The amily concept was designed by Nico Aprile and Jochen Schmidtke. They are working in this specific business since 30 years; both are well-experienced and established experts. In 2001 the first version of the advertising- and billing system amily.traffic was successfully installed with the first customer.

The team around amily has developed the concept and extended the product family with great enthusiasm. The number of the team members varied over the years but the so-called „core-team“ of amily followers has remained constant since the „first day of creation“. Currently the team consists of 17 colleagues plus various freelancers.

Over the years the product family of amily was brought to the market by different sales partners but every time with the exclusive support of the same amily team.

The first customer in 2001 was constantly succeeded by other customers from several countries and kinds. Since 2006 amily operates as a GmbH (Ltd.).

The company is owner of all rights of the “amily” product and is the single distributor and contact partner for the customers and the market. “amily” is a registered brand name of amily GmbH (Ltd.).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your amily team