amily GmbH


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Our motivation

advertising management family

amily – a pillar that supports the advertising business of our customers.
We design software systems. We realize our products. We guarantee their initial setup.

The sophisticated business models of our customers require clever structures.
Our expertise and our products are the foundation.

Individual changes of our products are an integral part of our concept.

amily. Brand.

amily GmbH holds all rights to
the amily brand and is the
sole sales partner and contact
for the market and customers.


Two locations. One team.

amily GmbH is represented
at two locations in Germany:
Munich and Hamburg.

amily. Success story.

amily joins the market in 2001.
In 2018, amily controls over 70%
of the advertising revenue of all German private radio broadcasters
and operates internationally.
amily is used by leading
advertising marketers and
media corporations.

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